Classic Traditions Furniture New Classic Furniture | Living Recliner 3 Piece Set in Pennsylvania 909 — Classic Traditions Furniture

Roswell-Pewter Living Recliner 3 Piece Set

by New Classic Furniture
Item Numbers: U4227-30-PTR & U4227-25-PTR & U4227-14-PTR

Item Features:
• Pewter (PTR)
• Coil Cushion
• Hardwood/Plywood Frame
• Glider Recliner Console Love with Cupholders
• Drop Down Center Sofa Cushion with Drink Tray

Set Includes:
• Recliner Sofa w/ 2 Recliners • Recliner Glider Console Loveseat w/ Dual Recliners • Recliner Glider

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